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Find Programs to Meet Your Needs
  • Comprehensive Quick Start Program
    Here's what to expect when you enroll: ​ Weekly one on one sessions Personalized homework Unlimited text/emails Includes: Discovering your value, interviewing, networking, resume writing, job applications and compensation negotiation. I offer a 30-day guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your results in the first 30 days, cancel and your money will be refunded. PRICING: ​ Comprehensive Quick Start Program: $1,000 a month ​ The average client finds a job in 4 months, which is 30 days sooner than they would on their own. They also get on average a 15% increase. For the average client the entire cost of coaching is less that 3 days of their annual compensation. Your return on your investment calculation: (using annual salary of $270,000) $270,000 = monthly salary of $22,500, increase of 15% = $310,500 (increase of $40,500) ​ Net salary increase in year one : $40,500 One more month of income: $22,500 Usual cost of coaching : $4,000 ROI 15.75
  • Interviewing Proficiency
    Finding the right opportunity requires that you interview at different companies with different people. Mastering this skill is critical to getting to the next level and finally getting an offer. During these sessions you'll learn: How to answer the common interview questions with clear and concise answers. How to vary your answers based on who the interviewer is What research should be conducted before you talk to companies you might be interested in. What questions you should ask the interviewers to be sure it’s a good match Managing group interviews Managing a “presentation” interview
  • Entrepreneurs Group Coaching Mastermind
    For people who have started or want to grow their own business. ​ The group coaching plan will focus on helping you be more effective at building and scaling your business. We will work on your unique value proposition, defining your target audience, building partnerships, using social media, hiring employees, etc. You will get feedback from your coach and your classmates. Group coaching is limited to less than 10 people and starts at the beginning of each quarter. Coaching clients will meet 2 times a week for 40 minutes in order to fit this in with your existing work schedule. Meetings will occur mid-day to accommodate clients in all time zones.
  • Executive Coaching for New hires and Newly Promoted
    This is one on one coaching for people who are hired into a new organization or who have been promoted at their current organization. The sessions will focus on building your 30/60/90 -day plan, understanding the culture, development executive presence, personal branding, managing difficult people, reinforcing your worth to senior management, networking with others outside your organization to increase your value, public speaking, asking for a raise, etc.
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