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Real Client's Journey to Career Success

LinkedIn Endorsements

testimonials - Liza Amezquita.jpg
Lisa Amezquita, Customer Experience Manager
Problem: Successful transition to a new job 

I have had the pleasure of working with Darcy on a couple of career-related engagements, where she helped me navigate the various obstacles in transitioning from job to job.  Darcy very quickly picked up on my strengths and coached me on how to use them to my advantage, gain the right level of visibility, and ultimately land a promotion with another company. Darcy has a way of listening and asking the right questions to help me overcome the barriers that, at times, I thought were insurmountable. Since then, she has coached me through other challenging career hurdles, finding ways to objectively assess the situation that will positively impact my professional growth. Darcy’s coaching and mentorship have been invaluable and her lessons will stay with me throughout my career.

testimonials - Neal Zamore.jpg
Neal Zamore, Chief Marketing Officer
Problem: Find a new executive digital marketing role

I rarely write LinkedIn recommendations but the impact that Darcy had on my life and my career is so profound that others need to know. During my career transition her advice, framework, insights and, yes, homework, made all the difference in the world. I've worked with other coaches, but Darcy is in a class of her own. She will help you replace your chaos and uncertainty with structure, confidence and, most importantly - effective action. She will become coach, mentor, and friend - all in one. She will not only recommend what to do - she will stop you from doing things that seem great in the short term but are not what you want in the long term.

I will always be grateful to Darcy for not only getting me to the next rung in my career but for the incredible process she laid out to help me do it. If you're in a career transition and are considering getting Darcy's help, let me save you time - just do it!

testimonials - Milt Hwang.jpg
Milt Hwang, VP of Marketing Operations
Problem: Find a new marketing operations role

Darcy's approach to coaching is a perfect match to her persona: a combination of empathetic listening and a direct communication style with practical recommendations to immediately take action on.

In other words, she tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear! But she does it in such a way that you know you'll be a better person and professional by acting on her advice, right away!

testimonials - Jessica Pine.jpg
Jessica Pine, Category Analyst
Problem: Find a marketing job for a new college grad 

I am so happy to have been able to work with Darcy as a recent college grad. Not only did she provide great feedback to dramatically improve my resume, but also she helped me figure out what kind of roles and companies would be a good fit. With Darcy's vast network, she was able to connect me with professional contacts across the country, as I was looking to relocate. She was always available to talk and gave great advice throughout the entire job search process — from interview prep to negotiating the offer. I am so excited about the role I am about to start. Thanks Darcy. You're the best!

testimonials - David Donovan.jpg
David Donovan, Senior Director of Content Websites - Product Design
Problem: Find a leadership role in Product Design and Content 

If you are thinking about making a career change, or are actively seeking a new role, I'd highly recommend working with a career coach. Better yet, I'd recommend working with a fantastic career coach like Darcy at SuccessworksCX.

Darcy is incredibly sharp, as she understands the nuances of many industries and various levels of employment. When I found myself without a job, Darcy helped me to take a step back and dig into what I really wanted to be doing so that I didn't just go out and get the first gig I could, and potentially end up unhappy with my decision. She was an indispensable resource at every step as I worked through reevaluating my career path and searching for the right job. I'd highly recommend her!

testimonials - Lisa Moore.jpg
Lisa Moore, Account Director
Problem: Find a new senior sales role selling data solutions

I recommend Darcy without reservation! My mentor recommended me to Darcy when my career took a bad turn. She helped me recognize my skills and was instrumental in helping me frame my thoughts on what kind of role would make my soul sing. Darcy was a marketer and data geek in the field long before she was a recruiter, this perspective was tremendously valuable. Darcy's dialed-in coaching strategy and the path to success are well worth the effort. I'm thrilled with the role I landed and could not be happier with the result of our collaboration. Thank you, Darcy for being my rock star support and for all of your sage guidance!

Joni Wickline: Strategic executive change leader helping drive growth for global organizations through business development/partnerships
Problem: Find and choose the right job to build my career  

For every transition, there should be a coach/consultant as good as Darcy. I have made some transitions in the past 10 years, and I am grateful to have Darcy in the wings. Her coach approach while bringing her knowledge and experience as a consultant is priceless. She propels you forward to focus on your objective, bringing value to every coaching session. Hire Darcy as your coach/consultant!

testimonials - Michelle Fitzpatrick.jpg
Michelle Fitzpatrick, CX and Customer Intelligence Strategy Leader
Problem: Help a leader transition from a company she worked for 20+ years 

Darcy is an exceptionally talented advisor and professional coach. She draws from extensive experience within a wide range of environments and brings a fresh, objective perspective to just about any situation. When I was looking for my next professional adventure, I sought Darcy’s advice and counsel. She helped me clear my thoughts, think about my options, focus my efforts, and open my eyes to consider new paths. I was successful in my search, and owe Darcy many thanks for her expert advice and support in my journey. Darcy is the real deal.

testimonials - Brad Walters.jpg
Brad Walters, Vice President of Digital Marketing & Content 
Problem: Transition from the consulting side back to the client side 

I started working with Darcy to get an outside perspective on how I could better position myself for roles that I felt were commensurate to my experience. She was a great guide - helping me improve my resume, sharpen my executive presence, and support me through my interview process with a role I was very excited about (of which I ended up landing). Sometimes we need a different perspective, a helping hand, and a kick in the rear to get ourselves back on track. Fortunately, Darcy did all of those for me. I’m lucky to have worked with her. 

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