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Darcy Bevelacqua


I’m Darcy Bevelacqua. I help people in marketing, martech, and sales over 50 find great jobs that pay more, value your contributions, and re-energize you about your career.

I'm passionate about helping people find the "right" career for them. We've all had bad bosses, companies that cared more about profit than people, and yet we felt stuck, unable to see a way out. Job hunting is a frustrating experience filled with negative feedback or no feedback at all. Many of my clients know that something in the process is not working for them but are not sure what isn’t working or how to fix it. By building on your strengths, values, and experience I can help you navigate the job-hunting process to find a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.​

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It’s time to let go of your fears and reach for the rewarding job that you’ll love. You can learn new skills to help you land the job you’ve always wanted. I’ll be with you every step of the way to be sure you are prepared and ready to move forward. 

But if you never try, you never know what job opportunities you could be missing out on. You deserve to be happy and move forward. I’m ready to help you. Learn about the path to success by clicking below to schedule your free one-on-one discovery call.

Serving to Empower

I help senior marketing professionals over 50 find jobs they love. I have been an executive recruiter and marketing consultant at a Big 5  consulting firm, so I understand what companies are looking for and how the jobs are structured. It is so thrilling to partner with a client and see them land the job of their dreams. They say things like "I love my new job" and "can't wait to go to work" and  "they actually ask my opinion on important growth initiatives". It's exciting to see a client go from discouraged to empowered.

Why I Do What I Do

I've always been interested in people, problem-solving and continuous learning. On my first  executive recruiting assignment I didn't think the client was asking for what they really needed. Through a series of discussions, we agreed to change the scope of the work, change the compensation and reorganize the marketing department. I created a presentation that went to their Board of Directors. My boss was worried that by pushing back we would lose the assignment, but instead we gained 3 more searches and  recognition at the Board level.

Values and Beliefs

I have always been interested in the people side of business and in innovation. I sought out assignments to create new products, new processes and innovation. I love meeting new people and connecting people to each other. I believe in continuous learning and measuring your progress so you feel a sense of accomplishment and forward motion. I am an avid traveler, who loves to hike and kayak. I love the sun and am a dog lover, with a passion for Corgis.

Professional Credentials

I have a BA in Psychology and a MA in Human Resources. I have been an HR manager at 2 Fortune 500 companies. I left HR to become a Marketer and customer experience designer. I have worked for a wide variety of companies including: Accenture, American Express, Dell, Wunderman, L’Oréal, E*Trade, Pfizer, etc., and worked in startups such as Prodigy and Suitecx. I have experience in customer relationship technology, business and operational analytics, and customer experience. In 2017 I moved back to executive recruiting , where understanding client culture and values is essential to finding great employees. This has given me the "insiders" look at how companies make hiring and compensation decisions.


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