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The Path to Finding a Successful Career

What type of job seeker are you?

Can't decide what you want in a new career

You’ve had success in the past but feel it’s Time to move on because you are not happy where you are due to changes in the job, the politics or your personal circumstances

Know what you want but aren’t getting enough interviews or offers? 

You’re unemployed for a few months, and know what you want but you haven’t gotten a great offer. You feel overwhelmed and not in control. You’ve even applied for jobs that you are over qualified for. You don’t know how to move forward to make things work out. 

You’re getting multiple offers but don’t know which one to take

You don’t know how to compare the offers you are getting and you’re worried you might make a mistake. You’re questioning what you are worth and don’t want t leave money on the table. 

No matter what kind of job hunter you are I can help you design the path for where you want to go so you know exactly how to get there.

Am I the right coach for you? Click below to find out!

A successful career journey is a series of steps to help you understand who you are, what makes you unique and how you like to work.

  • You get feedback so you understand your secret sauce and your reputation.

  • You create your personal scorecard to help to compare different job opportunities against each other.

  • You master the art of interviewing, resume writing, LinkedIn and networking.


I help you every step of the way - through the interviewing process, offer and negotiation of the final acceptance. 

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Take our 25-point job hunting assessment to figure out where you are in the job hunting process and if you need help.   
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